Monday, December 18, 2017
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    Angola Middle School is a school community that inspires the highest level of successful lifelong learners.

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Angola Middle School strives to improve in all aspects of student achievement. We value feedback from all stakeholders in the community (ie: staff, parents/guardians, and students). Please take the time to fill out the appropriate survey to the best of your ability. Please fill them out honestly and professionally. Our building principals and teachers will look closely at all feedback to guide us in ways we can make AMS a better learning environment. 

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Handling Bullying with Integrity

It’s hard to believe the first quarter is already behind us. It went fast and kept us all busy. A lot of great things did happen and we appreciate the Harold Republican reporting our successes. We also posted plenty of pictures on twitter and our webpage. I wrote a message back in September about setting big goals for the year. I meant to write in October about bullying. October got busy so here we are in November.

While great things are happening at AMS, we’re pro-active in solving the problems our students are facing. Being a middle school student in 2017 comes with a specific set of challenges and bullying tends to top the list.

The building principals are the ones who make the tough phone calls. That’s part of the job. But the toughest phone calls we have to make deal with bullying. We have an easier time telling a parent their child came to school with cigarettes. That’s not because the parent is okay with their child smoking, but it is a black and white circumstance. A report was made, we investigated, now here’s the evidence and the consequence.  A bullying report is not that black and white.

When a parent or student make a bullying report the follow things happen:

  1. An administrator sits down with the reporter and asks for specific facts

  2. An administrator investigates those facts

  3. An administrator reports back to the parent what facts they found and what is being done

While that sounds simple enough,  it can get complicated fast. We’ve had parents report bullying, but they cannot give any examples or names: They’re just picking on my kid, and I want it to stop. When it comes to bullying, the more specifics we get, the faster we can move on it.

When a specific accusation comes across my desk, I stop whatever it is I’m doing to make that accusation my top priority. If the parent is in the building they get a face to face. If they’re on the telephone the secretaries find me. Whatever I’m supposed to have scheduled: a meeting, observing a teacher, or having a lunch break. All of it gets rescheduled or another administrator fills in for me (this isn’t new... it’s how Ann Rice and I operated). We begin to collect facts and evidence in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together. This is a team effort that includes guidance counselors, all building administrators, our school resource officer, and the teachers of the students involved.

Not everyone likes how the puzzle fits together. More often than not what was reported as bullying is really two kids not getting along and both have a part to play in it. We communicate with all parents so everyone is in the know and we can all move forward. It’s also not uncommon for our guidance counselors to conduct a mediation.

We’ve had false accusations before. One student doesn’t like another student so they make up a story and tell it to their parents. The parents call the school understandably concerned. We investigate, we find the facts, we get to the truth. Finding the truth can be a messy process. Parents need to be prepared that the truth may not be the exact story their child gave them.

Today’s children also live in a world of constant communication. It’s not uncommon for Mr. Lantz and I to start our day dealing with cyberbullying from the night before. The investigation is clear-cut because cyberbullying is documented bullying. But cyberbullying is also where things can kick up a notch. What kids won’t say face to face they will type miles apart over the internet. Cyberbullying is typically when we see phrases such as Go kill yourself or I’m going to beat you to death. Yes, all of this is highly inappropriate. Yes, they are children who need a lot guidance at this age. When we deal with cyberbullying of this nature, we have the parents come in so we can sit down face to face. We separately bring all parties to the table, present the problem, followed-up with solutions.

It’s not uncommon for parents to share their frustration with technology during these meetings. We hear a common question How are we supposed to monitor all this?  The school district monitors the Chromebooks through a company called Securely. I would also encourage parents to establish that any device with an internet connection remains in a common open area such as the living room. That’s my opinion based on the fact that I’ve never had a case of inappropriate internet activity happening at the kitchen table. Each time it’s the child in his or her room with the device. We don’t have the power to stop technology. We do have the power to create safe environments in our homes and schools.

Here’s the bottom line. We want Angola Middle School to be a safe environment for every student. We want every student to have plenty of opportunities to find their niche. We need students and parents to continue making reports. We need you to report what you are seeing and hearing to the best of your ability. We will investigate each report thoroughly.  Angola Middle School will provide a safe environment by always acting with integrity to the reports being made.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions or concerns:

  • (260) 665-9581

  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks for reading and I’ll try to write again before the holidays,

Ryan Bounds


Parents and Guardians, please keep sending in the updated demographic information to our office.  We are updating emails, cell phone and work changes as we receive them.  

  • AMS Remind can be accessed by:

    • From a Smartphone (Android or iPhone):
      • Type in your web browser.
      • Follow the on screen instructions to sign-up for Remind
      • You will be prompted to download the mobile app.
    • From a non-Smart Phone:
      • Text the Message @49b49d to the number 81010
      • Difficulty with 81010? Try texting: @49b49d to (260)212-1726

Angola Middle School

Angola Middle School is located in Steuben County in Angola, Indiana. We are one of six schools in the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County. There are four elementary schools that feed into this school. AMS is a grade 6, 7 and 8 building.  
The Community

Spanning 126 square miles, The Metropolitan School District of Steuben County serves the educational needs of Pleasant, Scott, Steuben, and York townships. Located in Steuben County, Indiana, we have a diversified economic base. Currently, the district consists of one high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools utilizing a K-5, 6-8, 9-12 grade level configuration.  

 It is the policy of The Metropolitan School District of Steuben County to provide equal access to all employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, creed or ancestry, age, gender, marital status, or disability.


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Angola Middle School
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Phone: 260.665.9581
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Mr. Ryan Bounds, Principal

Mr. Steve Lantz, Asst. Principal &
Athletic Director

Mr. Lance Yoder, Technology Integration
Mr. John Buchs, Guidance Counselor
Ms. Marlene Ewen, Social Worker
Ms. Andrea Van E, School Nurse

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Ms. Karen Parker, Student Services

Ms. Jean Zdyb, Security

Mission Statement

As a partnership of school, home, and community, we will prepare students with a solid foundation for success in high school and beyond.  We will foster opportunities for exploration within a safe and caring environment that incorporates a standards based, technology enhanced curriculum.


If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a student being bullied in the MSD Steuben County Schools please click the link below:

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