Chromebook with the Chrome Logo and the acer brand name on the cover

Each year, a large number of families express the desire for their children to be able to keep their Chromebooks for the summer. To meet the needs of the many students who participate in summer school, credit recovery, and band and yearbook courses, the district will allow students to keep their Chromebooks once again this summer.

All Chromebooks for students currently in grades K-8 will be covered for accidental damage with Chromebook Protection this summer and in the future (this does not cover cases and chargers). High school students who purchased Chromebook protection through K12 Tech will be covered over the summer until the protection window opens again in August.

Each school will be checking all chromebooks during the last week of school. If your child’s chromebook is damaged it will be sent in for repairs and you will be contacted when it is ready by the MSD Tech department and it can be picked up on any Wednesday in the summer. A loaner Chromebook will be available for a student in a summer educational program.

On the last student day, students will bring their devices home. To ensure the successful implementation of this initiative, the following procedures have been put into place:


Chromebook support for damaged and malfunctioning devices will be available throughout the summer on Wednesdays, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, at the MSD Administration building. (400 S Martha St, third floor) . You do not need to call in advance, just come in! We will send your Chromebook in for repair, and we’ll give you a call to pick it up when it returns. Loaner Chromebooks will only be available for students participating in one of our summer educational activities.


Students who are not participating in a summer educational program and whose families do not wish to accept the responsibility of having the Chromebook over the summer will have the option of turning in the device at the end of the school year. However, parents who would like the school corporation to store their child’s Chromebook will need to come to their school’s Media Center with the device(s), charger(s), and cases(s) May 25th during normal school business hours; these parents will receive a receipt stating the device, charger, and case were turned in for the summer. A parent or guardian must be the person to turn in the device for the summer. 

No Chromebooks will be left at school on the last school day! Please note that students participating in summer educational programs like summer school, band, or credit recovery MUST retain their Chromebooks for the summer and bring them to school each day.


Families who decide to leave the MSD of Steuben County during the summer, after the last day of school MUST return the Chromebook, case, and charger at MSD of Steuben County Administration Office at any time during business hours Monday through Friday. Families leaving the corporation and not returning the Chromebook, case, and charger will be charged the full replacement cost of the device and case.


Any student who performs inappropriate web searches over the summer or otherwise accesses inappropriate content will trigger a web filtering alert. Content filtering is in place 24/7, 365. The Responsible Use Policy is always in effect. The Online Safety Specialist and/or the School Resource Officer will be in touch when violations occur.

Chromebooks that have been stored over the summer or have not been picked up from summer repairs will get their chromebook back the 1st day of school. Students in Fifth Grade and Ninth Grade will need to bring their chromebook, case and charger on the 1st day to receive their new Chromebooks; they will not receive their new chromebook until the old one has been turned in.

Please help us ensure the success of this initiative by being vigilant in the care of the Chromebooks this summer. Store them in safe places, continue to run updates, monitor your child’s use, and remember to come in for Device Support on Wednesdays if the Chromebook is malfunctioning or damaged.