AMS Art Class

The art class at AMS was filled with smiles and laughter yesterday as staff from the district joined students for a student art class.  This unique experience was spearheaded by art teacher Nora Majors. The class started with a demonstration on art techniques followed by student led instruction.  Students helped the adults gather supplies and then demonstrated and instructed the teacher on how to create a landscape painting.  Miss Majors teaches this unit every year to 6th graders and loves giving the opportunity to students to try something new, a highlight for her is hearing the students make comments like “I don’t draw very well but I CAN teach it”. Mrs Irwin , AMS Principal, participated and said “It was really fun and I really enjoyed seeing the students in the leadership role”. Schauna Relue, MSD Curriculum Director said “It is great to see the Big Opportunities our students have at Angola Middle School! I loved having the 6th-grade art students be my teachers for the day! “ Students Harper, Lily and Anabella said they were really nervous at first, afraid they would not remember the steps or make a mistake, but after a few minutes really enjoyed it and one of them also said she was now considering going into teaching.  Creativity flowed, masterpieces were created and the day was enjoyed by all.