Kindergarten Round Up

MSD of Steuben County

2024-2025 District-Wide 

Kindergarten & Pre-K Round-up

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

from 8:00 am-7:00 pm

Angola High School Gymnasium

Parents of children eligible for kindergarten or eligible for Pre-K (ages 3-5)  in the 2024-25 school year should pre-register at this link:

You can also find the link on our website:


A child must be 5 years of age before August 1, 2024. 

Early entrance can be approved for children who are 5 by  October 1, 2024, and pass the kindergarten screening. 

The MSD of Steuben County Early Learning Center provides  Pre-K children with a Montessori education.

There is a multi-step process to register your kindergarten or Pre-K child. Parents will complete the required paper forms and have access to a Chromebook to complete the online registration forms.  

Completing your paper and online forms on March 13 can take up to an hour. Please plan accordingly. 

You will need to bring your child’s: 

  1. Legal birth certificate

  2. Proof of residence in the MSD of Steuben County (utility bill or lease)

    • or complete an out-of-district transfer form 

  3. Immunization record

If your child’s immunizations are not complete, please contact your doctor or the County Health Department at 668-1000 ext 1525 to schedule.  The County Health Department will be administering immunizations during registration with an appointment.

Kindergarten readiness testing will take place between May 28 and June 7.  You will be contacted to schedule a time for your child to come to his/her school to see the building and complete testing.