Students pose with award plaques

We are halfway through the 2021-22 school year and Angola Middle School has much to celebrate. Our students and staff are working hard in the classroom to achieve at a high level and the growth is evident on NWEA. We offered incentives of candy bars, pop, and hot dogs for students who showed growth. We had to buy hundreds of each! We’re very proud of our studentsand how hard they are working.

I want to highlight teachers like Kim Griffiths, Jordan Blank, Shawn Snyder, and Bob Budak. These teachers willingly give up their lunch break to help students get caught up. We achieve at a high level because we have teachers who go the extramile.

We have completed all of our Fall Sports and we’re not too far from being done with our Winter Sports. I want to congratulate all of our student athletes. Our athletic teams are consistently placing at the top tier of the conference. I want to congratulate our 8th Grade Volleyball Team as they are Jr. Necc Conference Champions.

This past Saturday we hosted Solo and Ensemble at Angola Middle School. We are honored to be a host school each year. I really enjoyed walking through the building and seeing all the kids dressed up with their medals pinned on. It was wonderful hearing all the music. Staying with academics, accomplishments, we also congratulate Mikaela Kolar who is our Spelling Bee School Champion!

Finally, we were able to celebrate the end of our second quarter by honoring eight students who received either Academic or Citizenship awards. These are the most prestigious awards we hand out. We do it quarterly and our teachers make the selection. Students who previously earned this honor prepared speeches and presented the awards. We have much to celebrate at Angola
Middle School and we are grateful to be partners with all of you.